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Trudi from Non-Fiction Collections April 8, 2019, 1:30 PM

If you like: Stranger Things

Have you seen the new trailer for Season 3 of Stranger Things? We are headed back to the Upside Down this July 4th, but that’s still a long time to wait. So here are five books with a Stranger Things vibe to help tide you over until the bingeing can commence!

IT by Stephen King
There is a supernatural horror that re-visits the small town of Derry every 27 years. A gang of misfits known as the Losers Club will try to stop it as children and then later as adults. A must-read for fans of Stranger Things

The Body by Stephen King
Famously adapted into the movie Stand By Me, The Body is King’s poignant exploration of youth and the bonds of friendship that sustain us through the bumps and loneliness of growing up. Set in 1960 Maine, twelve year old Gordie Lachance and three of his best friends go on a quest to find the dead body of a missing boy they believe to have been hit by a train.

The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson
Davidson writes from the point of view of children during that pivotal final season before childish things are put away. His writing lingers on the bittersweet pangs of first love and fitting in. Set in 1980s Niagara Falls, The Saturday Night Ghost Club tells the story of one life-altering summer when twelve year old Jake Baker discovers the reasons behind his uncle's preoccupation with chilling legends buried deep in his past.

The Boys of Summer by Richard Cox
Set in North Texas against the backdrop of a deadly tornado, this deeply-affecting supernatural thriller tells the story of five boys coming of age during a dark, fiery summer where they find first love, betrayal, and a secret so terrible they agree to never speak of it again. But darkness returns to Wichita Falls twenty-five years later, and the boys – now men – are forced to reunite and confront their past.

Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan
This award-winning graphic novel series by Brian K. Vaughan is not to be missed. Twelve-year-old newspaper delivery girls discover a supernatural mystery threatening their hometown. It’s 80s nostalgia wrapped in a coming-of-age story perfect for fans of Stranger Things.  


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