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Suggesting and Requesting Materials

Our catalogue contains materials from Regina Public Library and most other public libraries in Saskatchewan. Regina customers can request materials and most can be provided to you from elsewhere in the province. This page is intended for customers to request new materials for the collection. See Author Submissions for more information on how authors and publishers can submit additions to the collection.

If you can't find an item in the province-wide catalogue, RPL will consider purchasing it, or we’ll try to get it from another library in Canada.

Customers can suggest a title or request one through interlibrary loans with a Regina Public Library card and an account in good standing (owing less than $10). You can submit up to 10 requests a month.

To request an item you may:

When we receive your request, we will determine whether we wish to purchase the item or send the request out to other libraries in Canada.

Suggestions for Purchase

RPL will purchase suggested materials that fit into our Collection Development Policy.

We welcome suggestions such as:

  • Authors, titles, or subjects of interest to you that would also be of interest to others; and/or
  • Items of local interest, relating to the geographic area of Regina or Saskatchewan.

We will not consider:

  • Items already available in the province-wide library catalogue;
  • Current popular titles from best-selling authors. We order these anyway. Check the library catalogue periodically to see if it’s there;
  • Textbooks
  • Titles that are not yet available (in pre-publication or currently in theatres); and/or
  • Titles older than seven years from date of production, or those that are no longer available (out of print). For older items, we will try to find a copy for you using interlibrary loan.

Requests that do not meet these criteria will automatically be rejected.

If you think the item is something we should have, use our Suggest an Item form.

We’ll send an automatic email to let you know we’ve received your suggestion. If items are approved for purchase or sent to interlibrary loan you will receive a notification when it is available. Our staff are unable to track the status of your suggestion so please don’t inquire after your submission.

eBooks and eAudiobooks:

If you want an eBook or eAudiobook, use the “recommend to Library” feature on RPL’s OverDrive site.

Interlibrary Loans

If we determine that your request doesn't meet our Collection Development Policy, we will attempt to borrow the material from another Canadian library. Turnaround times and loan periods for interlibrary loans vary depending on where we get it.

Interlibrary loan is primarily used for books, magazine articles, and back issues of newspapers on microfilm. The following things are not available through interlibrary loan:

  • Items that are available or on order for our catalogue;
  • Books published in the current or previous calendar year;
  • DVDs, videos, audiobooks, CDs, and other audio-visual and multimedia items;
  • Whole issues of magazines; or
  • Items that are not available in Canadian libraries.


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Have more questions?

See our Help section on Suggesting and Requesting Titles.

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