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Access complete issues of thousands of leading newspapers and magazines worldwide and experience them online just as they appear in print!

Please note: 
The Globe and Mail no longer offers at-home access through PressReader. You can still read and download the paper using PressReader at one of our branches.

Using a desktop computer or RPL mobile app:

  • Access through GO button on this page
  • Enter your Library card number and PIN
  • Browse, read, and share from thousands of newspapers
  • Create a user account for a personalized experience and to save your preferences. 
  • Select “Sign In” and access the link “New user? Sign up now”. Follow the prompts, providing an email address, password, and your first and last name. 

Using the PressReader app: 

•    Follow the steps above to create an account (accounts are created through the website).
•    Download the app 
•    Sign In to the PressReader app with your new account. 

What if I don’t want to create a user account?

The PressReader app can be used without signing in; however, you will need to visit a HotSpot every 48 hours to refresh your complete access to all content. See HotSpot details below.

Follow these steps to ensure continued access to all content via the PressReader app without needing to visit a HotSpot:

  1. Sign in to the app with your user account (created through the website)
  2. Select Accounts option from menu
  3. Select your name, scroll down and select the Library icon
  4. Follow “Select Library or Group” 
  5. Search “Saskatchewan” and select “Saskatchewan Public Libraries” from the list
  6. Enter your Library barcode and PIN when prompted. You may see a message: “this library account is already in use.” Confirm okay. 
  7. You may be asked to repeat this step and re-authenticate after 30 days, but you will not require a HotSpot to do so. 

PressReader Hot Spots

  • Hot Spots are access points that allow users free unlimited access to view and download PressReader content.
  • You will know you are in a PressReader Hot Spot when the Hotspot Iconicon displays on the PressReader screen.
  • All RPL branches are PressReader Hot Spots. For a complete list of Hot Spots worldwide, visit the map.
  • By completing steps 1 through 7 above, you can ensure continued access to PressReader without requiring a HotSpot. 

Important Note: RPL cardholders will never have to pay for PressReader content, whether accessing it inside a HotSpot or remotely via the app. If you receive a message stating your complimentary time is running out, reconnect to a PressReader HotSpot and reset your 48 hours of remote access OR complete the steps 1 through 7 above.


PressReader is a third-party service governed by its privacy policy and practices, not the Library's. We advise that you consult their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 

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Regina Public Library is pleased to provide free access to this third-party service to customers paying taxes to or residing in the City of Regina. Members of other Saskatchewan libraries are not guaranteed access to this service or any other electronic resource to which Regina Public Library subscribes.

Regina Public Library customers are reminded that this is a third-party service over which Regina Public Library has no control so changes may occur without warning and customization is not always possible.

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