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Marketing And Communications October 30, 2019, 8:40 AM

How to Transform Yourself with Library Services

This Halloween, Regina Public Library decided to transform one of our staff members into the witch Maleficent using services we offer. Get inspired! If you have a dream and a Regina Public Library card, you can make your own projects just like this. Here’s everything we used to pull of this video production:

Costume design

The design for the Maleficent costume was based off of illustrations from Learn to Draw Disney Villains in the library collection. Books like this, as well as movies, comics, and music, are available from anywhere using streaming services like library2go and hoopla from a computer or tablet.

Makeup tutorial

Regina Public Library has many books about costume and stage makeup. Katie found Theatrical Design and Production by Gillette J. Michael and  Fun Face Painting Ideas for Kids by Brian and Nick Wolfe helpful, but there are many other ways to learn these skills with library services. For instance, LinkedIn Learning helps people learn business, software, technology and creative skills with online video tutorials taught by recognized industry professionals. You can get full LinkedIn Learning tutorials for free with your library card from anywhere.

Green screen, lighting, and camera equipment

In order to get the final shots of Katie casting spells, as well as having proper film-quality lighting, we used publicly available equipment in the library’s Digital Media Studio. Having a green screen is particularly useful to place subjects into different worlds and environments using computer programs like After Effects.

Video editing and visual effects

The video was edited by Marketing and Communications Administrator Devin Pacholik using After Effects in Regina Public Library’s Digital Media Studio. After Effects is part of the Adobe Creative Suite of software and is a powerful tool for adding the magic in the final video. This tool, and many others for video editing and animation, are available for use with your library card at the Digital Media Studio.

Music creation

Every great film needs music. Resident Digital Media Studio Specialist, Jon Neher, created the original soundtrack “Regina Public LiSCARY” using Ableton Live 10. This program, and many other music programs, are available for public use in the Digital Media Studio. If you want to learn how to make music, services like Artist Works for Libraries offer full online lessons. Additionally, you can borrow instruments to practice from Regina Public Library. All of these services are free with your library card.

3D printing

To make the Maleficent horns for Katie’s costume, we 3D printed them using Regina Public Library services. 3D modeling software like Blender was used in the Digital Media studio to create a print-ready file, and the full print took roughly 48 hours to complete. Tutorials on how to start 3D printing are available with Regina Public Library services mentioned above, like LinkedIn Learning. Once the horns were made, we simply attached them to a homemade duct tape helmet. 

These are just some of the services and programs available with your Regina Public Library card!

Create your own magic by seeing what’s available! Click here to find out what other services you can access.

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