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Marketing And Communications June 23, 2020, 1:55 PM

Explore Canadian Art Online

At the Dunlop Art Gallery we’re used to being surrounded by fresh Canadian art every day. It’s such an invigorating atmosphere to work in! 

Canadian artists open windows to new ideas and ways of looking at the world. They ask us to think beyond the everyday, to imagine the unexpected, and to open ourselves to diverse Canadian perspectives. 

Since our physical doors have been closed, we’ve had to seek Canadian artists out online to quench our thirst for these refreshing perspectives. Here are a few of our favourites! Canadian art is so diverse that there is something for everyone in the links below. 

Robert Truszkowski

As a printmaker, Robert Truszkowski uses everyday advertising images, text and other media sources to play with our connection to the power of mass media.

Heather Cline

Through lush visual storytelling, prairie artist Heather Cline’s rich paintings capture your heart and pull you into familiar and tender spaces.

Marigold Santos

If you’re looking for dreamy, mysterious and mythical artwork, check out the multi-media art of Marigold Santos who explores the duality of her Canadian Filipino identity. 

Troy Coulterman

If you like graphic novels, you will love the playful, absurd, and exaggerated sculptural work of Troy Coulterman.  

Alex Janvier

Bursting with light, colour, and energy, the work of Indigenous artist, Alex Janvier records the beauty and importance of nature in Indigenous world views 

Rebecca Belmore

Challenging and provocative, Rebecca Belmore work is firmly rooted in bringing awareness to the political and social realities of Indigenous communities. She is a member of Lac Seul First Nation (Anishinaabe).

Amanda Strong

Amanda Strong is an Mishif artist who creates stunningly rendered stop-motion animation that focuses on reclaiming Indigenous histories, lineage, language, and culture. 

Erin Gee

Erin Gee merges human emotions with digital technologies in her layered multimedia installations. 

Kent Monkmon

Kent Monkmon’s realistic and intricately rendered large-scale paintings address themes of colonization, sexuality, loss, and resilience. His work is often controversial and sparks important conversations regarding notions of Canadian history and Indigenous peoples.

Sandra Meigs

Sandra Meigs’ paintings spark joy and wonder as you enter her highly imaginative inner world.   

If you’re inspired to make some art of your own, click here check out the Dunlop Art Gallery’s DYI Art Classes.


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