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Eight tips to submit a manuscript

  1. Edit your manuscript before submitting it to a publisher; preferably hire a qualified editor.
  2. Check your local library or bookstore for books similar to the one you’ve written and note the publishers of those books.
  3. Review each publisher’s website. Make sure your work fits and they are accepting submissions.
  4. Read the submission guidelines for the publisher you have chosen.
  5. Format your manuscript following industry standards and any special requests in the submission guidelines of the publisher.
  6. Write your one-page query letter succinctly, following standard guidelines.
  7. Enclose the summary or sample chapters or pieces as requested in the publisher’s submission guidelines.
  8. Reminder: Edit your manuscript thoroughly before submitting to a publisher!

Information on industry standard manuscript formatting and query letters is available on the internet or contact the Writer-In-Residence at:

About Author

Judith Silverthorne, Writer in Residence

Judith Silverthorne is an award-winning Saskatchewan writer. She has authored more than a dozen books, many of which are children’s novels. She has also written two non-fiction biographical adult books, and has authored extensively as a freelance writer for newspapers and magazines.

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