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We’re so excited!

It’s true, we’re fines free as of January 1, 2021!

Continue to return your materials as soon as you are finished – other people may be waiting to check them out.

Please consider donating in lieu of paying fines to support your library in all the great work we do to build community.

Below is some further information for you, should you have questions. If the information you’re looking for isn’t here, please contact our hotline at 1-306-777-6000.

Questions and answers

I still have late fines showing up on my account.

Talk to one of our branch staff. We are waiving fines until the end of the year, and full implementation of this change will start January 1, 2021. Until then, some late fees may need to be waived manually by staff.

What if I borrowed a book from another library in Saskatchewan?

The Directors of the provincial sharing system are meeting in mid-December to work through further details. Until then fines across the province are waived until the end of the year.

What about fees for the replacement value of lost or stolen items? At what point do you consider something lost?

Those still apply, and customers will be expected to cover the cost of replacement. Customers who have signed up for notification of upcoming due dates will receive those messages to remind you to return materials.  

An item is considered lost when it is 30 days past the due date. Currently, the replacement cost appears on a customer’s account with a $7 processing fee and cost of the item. If a customer brings a lost item back we remove that charge.

So I can keep library books indefinitely?

No. Your fellow library customers want you to bring them back, and so do we. Keep in mind that there are others who may be waiting for the materials you have signed out. We ask that you honour the due date or better yet, return materials as soon as you are finished with them.

Don’t you earn a lot from overdue fines?

Not really. It’s worth it to eliminate overdue fines if it ensures that we can help everyone to experience great library service.  This change will bring people back into the library.

We always welcome donations to the Library so that we can continue our great work for the people of Regina. Please consider making a donation to the library.

What reason would people have for bringing back library materials if there are no fines?

Studies have shown that charging fines for overdue materials doesn’t cause people to bring them back on time. Fines on a library card can discourage some customers from using the library. We don’t need that barrier to borrowing and literacy in our community.

At RPL, there have been no overdue fines on children’s materials for at least 20 years!

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