About RPL Inspires!

RPL Inspires! is the name of RPL’s service planning initiative. Service planning is exactly what the name suggests – it’s a plan that details the services we will provide to the public over the next three years, and how we’ll provide them.

We want to make sure our plan reflects what our customers want, so we’re looking for your feedback! We want to know what you think of our services and programs – what you like best, what you want to keep, new ideas, changes, and more.

By focusing on what our customers want and need, we are working to ensure the library continues to play an important role in your life, and in the lives of all our customers. After all, we are here to serve you, and the community.

To help with the planning process, we’ve reviewed the programs and services we presently offer, and have categorized them into seven outcomes: Culture, Reading, Learning, Digital, Well-being, Prosperity and Communities. These are loosely based on categories from a similar project in England called Libraries Deliver.  Further details about these seven key outcomes are featured on the Key Outcomes page.

We’ve also employed the services of a planning and public engagement firm, The Public Good: Planning + Public Engagement to help us gather and assess customer and staff feedback.

There are several ways in which the consultants are gathering feedback:

  • An online survey, available from this website, will run from January 9 to 28;
  • A number of focus group sessions will be held in mid-January to hear from specific groups of customers; and
  • The consultants will be visiting Regina venues and events in mid-January to talk to people about the library and what it should be offering.

RPL staff – whose opinions are also important – have already provided feedback, and are being asked to complete the survey.

Service planning is important to us and our community as it assures we are using the valuable resources provided to us in the most effective way. It is undertaken to fulfil the goals and objectives outlined in Regina Public Library’s Strategic Plan, 2016-2021, in particular, objective 4.2, which calls for a continuous cycle of community and staff engagement in program and service planning, plan development and execution, assessment and review, and further engagement.

For more information on service planning, or on the consultation processes we’re undertaking, contact us at 777-6015 or email mac@reginalibrary.ca.