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Is the library accepting donations of books and other materials?

Thinking of donating to the library? Why not consider a monetary donation, or a donation of your time as a volunteer?

If you’re considering donating materials (books, DVDs, etc.) to the library, here are some guidelines to help you with the process.

  • Materials must be:
    • new – published in the last three years;
    • not already available from the library;
    • in good condition:
    • free of mildew, mould, dirt or water damage; and
    • free from excessive spine damage, missing pages, or missing covers.
    • Media sets must be complete and include the original case art.

With this in mind, we accept:

  • books;
  • DVDs;
  • CDs;
  • video games;
  • graphic novels; and
  • musical instruments (gently used stringed instruments, keyboards, and light percussion)

Ensure each item meets our donation requirements. When in doubt, give only what you would consider as good quality for your own use.

RPL doesn't accept:

  • Old materials – older than three years
  • materials we deem to be in poor condition;
  • DVDs, BluRay, CDs or videogames without their original packaging;
  • encyclopedia sets;
  • magazines or condensed books; or
  • audio cassettes and VHS tapes

Donated materials can be dropped off at any location.

Disposal of materials

If you donate materials that are not added to the library's collection, we will dispose of them. Disposal methods include offering materials in a library book sale, donating the materials to a charity, or recycling them. Please do not use the library to get rid of unwanted items - handling and disposing of materials costs RPL money.

The Library is not responsible for informing donors about the outcome of their donations. Nor do we assess the monetary value of, or issue tax receipts for, donated materials.

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