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Camille Turner: Awakening

October 7, 2022 to December 9, 2022 at Dunlop Art Gallery, Digital Lounge (Central Library).

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Commissioned by Art Gallery of Alberta
5 minutes 55 sec

Awakening presents a conversation that takes place in the future on a spaceship. Two African Diasporic travelers encounter Gloria Smith, a Black woman from present day Canada who is an activist on a mission to travel back in time to stop transatlantic slavery. Gloria has ruptured the security of the spaceship and has bypassed the rules of space/time to ask for their help in carrying out her plans. Awakening was shown at and commissioned by Art Gallery of Alberta as part of Nests for the End of the World in Edmonton, 2020; and screened during Nuit Blanche in Toronto, 2020.

Camille Turner is an explorer of race, space, home and belonging. Born in Jamaica and currently based in Toronto, her work combines Afrofuturism and historical research. Turner works in various mediums including social practice, interventions, and performance to center Black and Indigenous perspectives within perceptions of “Canadianness”. Her interventions, installations and public engagements have been presented throughout Canada and internationally. Camille graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design and is currently a PhD candidate in York University’s Environmental Studies program.


2022, Nov 25 2022 - All day


Dunlop Digital Lounge,


Current, Art
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