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Jill Robinson March 31, 2021, 2:31 PM

Writes of Spring 2021

Writes of Spring is back! This year, RPL has partnered with the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild to offer a wealth of events to engage your writerly self.

This month-long series of online programs and author talks offers tips and insights to help you tell your story, whether you’re a new, emerging, aspiring or established author. Perusing the offerings, I see so many enticing choices, I think it’s safe to say that there’s something for everyone.

Writes of Spring launches on April 6 with a session on the love of letter writing. I don’t know about you, but I love to write and to receive handwritten cards and letters. I love how I hold the person in my thoughts as I write, and then again as I read their response—it’s like a visit with someone I care about, which is difficult to do right now. You can follow this one up with a program on the history and art of letter writing on April 14.

Other programs include:

Of course, I’m also hoping that you will register for two events that I’m involved with *wink wink*.

The first is a writer-in-residence retrospective, featuring Trevor Herriot, Gail Bowen, Art Slade, and yours truly on April 15. We’ll be talking about our experiences serving as writers-in-residence at the RPL, and how that has changed—for me because of COVID—what we’re working on, and how the writing is going during the pandemic. For example, some people have seized up and been unable to write a word, while others are finding that the words are gushing forth.

The second event is on April 21 and focuses on my time and experience at RPL during my term as writer-in-residence from late August 2020 until now. I’ll give a short talk about my writing, read two very different excerpts from my works in progress, and I’ll give you an to ask any questions you may have, as time allows.

Writes of Spring looks to be a rewarding way to indulge your writerly tendencies—go for it!

About Author

Jill Robinson

Jill is a Canadian writer, editor and teacher with an MA in Poetry and an MFA in Fiction. She is the author of the novel, More in Anger, and four collections of stories. Her work appears in anthologies, magazines, and on radio broadcasts, and her creative nonfiction and fiction have won prizes including Saskatchewan Book Awards, and Western and National Magazine Awards. Jill has served as the editor of Grain literary magazine, as Saskatoon Public Library’s writer-in-residence, and has extensive experience as a creative writing instructor, writing mentor, workshop facilitator and editor.

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